2/2014, Cella Gallery, Opava, CZ

Performance I presented for the opening of an own exhibition.

In front of two niches which I previously painted all white I drank a beer wearing my extravagant green jacket while a curator Jakub Frank said a few words about the exhibition. Among different brushes and paints placed on the pavement I selected a white one and painted a blank square canvas positioned between niches.

After finishing my white painting I moved into the main gallery space, got undressed during the way and entered the gallery on all four. In the first room I went mad, jumped all over the place, licked the wall and similar. In the second room I stepped into the pile of used film strips, spread a white paint over my body from a can and freezed.

I held the statuesque position for the rest of the vernissage during which moin moin performed a short concert.

Curator: Jakub Frank

Thanks: Magdaléna Manderlová

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