Metro D
6/2020 24h Performance, Prague, CZ

The original plans for the fourth line of Prague metro – metro D – dates back before the Czechoslovak Velvet Revolution in 1989. Postponements of its construction became notorious during recent years, similarly as it was with the infamously known Blanka tunnel. Prague activists were “officially opening” the non-existent metro D with a parodic action already back in 2010 (!).

In my performance Metro D, I followed the planned line from the existing station “Náměstí Míru” to the hypothetical end station “Depo Písnice” and back on a bicycle. This urbanistic ritual aimed to secure the successful finalization of the metro D construction. I started symbolically at midnight and the whole route took me 4 hours. For increasing the power of the ritual I was collecting sacrifices from the co-performers and audience members. By a coincidence, I gathered exactly 10 offerings and therefore it was possible to leave one of them on each one of the visited “stations”.

Performance Metro D was presented under the framework of event 24h Performance curated by Darina Alster and streamed nonstop to the visitors of the event at SWIM Club and online through the Zoom platform.