9/2019 Festival Malamut, Ostrava, CZ

When participating in the previous edition of the biennial performance festival Malamut in Ostrava, in 2017, I was robbed in the city. Was it the intention of the thieves or not, I fell on the pavement during the incident, hit my had and started to bleed intensively. What followed was a series of absurd, unexpected and retrospectively also funny events that included me running away with the identification documents of one of the robbers but coming back and returning them or the thieves accompanying me to the hospital. The performance that I presented in Malamut 2019 was a re-enactment of this robbery.

The work was executed with a kind support of the three festival artists who agreed to take part in the performance. Thank you Salla Valle, Timo Viialainen, Chumpon Apisuk

Curated by: Jiří Surůvka, Barbora Mikudová