Terror As an Ism

Terror As an Ism

9/2015, ….příští vlna/next wave… Festival, Vrané nad Vltavou, CZ

Performance was made specially for unused paper mill in Vrané nad Vltavou, CZ and was insipred by a festival theme „terrorism“.

I met the audience in train coming to Vrané from Prague. Inside the train I distributed blank papers with my copyright on it. After we got off I guided the audience to the paper mill while playing different marches on a flute.

On the site with the help of a paper megaphone I invited people to write or draw down their opinions on (1) art, (2) politics or (3) anything else on the piece of paper. After expressing one’s opinion an audience member received a flower from me. Each paper with a message on it I soaked in a bucket of water and hanged on the clothesline. I got half naked and put wet papers on my upper body. With my new dress I climbed onto the pillar dedicated to workers movement and recited a scene from the Monty Python’s Life of Brian where Brian speaks from the window of his house to massess underneath on individuality and the massess unanimously respond. „You are all individuals!“ „Yes, we are all individuals…“

In the end I descended from the column and while playing a sad slow march on the flute I lead the audience into the river. Even though I had responding voices in a Brian scene no one followed me into the cold autumn water. After even my head disappeared under the water level my tune was silenced and a stream carried away all the papers attached to my body.

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