8/2017 Performing Intersection, Bucharest, RO

The Tourist was a long durational performance presented under the framework of a group performance event taking part in one of the central squares of Bucharest – Piața Unirii. Equipped with a backpack, photo camera, city map, and other items I was performing the figure so familiar to me: a low-budget traveler. One of the key images of this simple piece was for me hitchhiking in a direction to the Palace of the Parliament, that was ordered by Romania’s a former dictator Nicolae Ceaușescu, with a blank board.

The performance was part of my open series of “tourist performances”, together with, especially, Standing Tourist (Irkutsk, RU, 2018), Crawling Tourist (Ulaanbaatar, MN, 2018) and Kak na voyne (Kyiv, UA, 2018).