Antonín Ramina Prague Tehran
spring – autumn/2016 Helsinki (FI) – Prague (CZ) – Tehran (IR)

Project Antonín Ramina Prague Tehran was connecting two people – Antonín Brinda and Ramina Habibollah – and two capitals – Prague (CZ) and Tehran (IR). Also, the city of Helsinki (FI) played a significant role as a meeting point and the base of the two artists during the execution of the work.

Following a psychogeographical tradition established by Situationists, we tried to perceive places familiar to us through new lenses. At first, we both marked down five of our favorite or otherwise important places on the map of the city we came from. Then we transposed the marks to the map of the other person/city. By that, it was possible (in my case) to travel around Prague searching there for unique personal locations from Tehran and vice versa (in Ramina’s case).