The Morning Happening
5/2016 Something Is Happening In the Neighbourhood, Helsinki, FI

Collaboration with Petros Konnaris, part of the site-specific event Something Is Happening In the Neighbourhood.

The audience coming for The Morning Happening did not know what will happen. In the event booklet and on the event’s website Petros and I announced only basic instructions:

The Morning Happening asks people to wake up early in the morning and come to the Kalasatama area to have an exploration/adventure/trip/journey with us. It is happening at the intersection of Junonkatu and Parrulaituri at 5:00, at 6:00, at 7:00, at 8:00, at 9:00, at 10:00 in the morning. The earlier you come the better the experience. Dress warmly. The suggested duration is 2.5hours.

One of us would meet a small group of audience members each hour on the announced spot in the city of Helsinki, provide a life vest to everyone, and invite them into a small rowboat. After that, people were transferred by boat from the meeting point in Kalasatama to a nearby island, Mustikkamaa. On the island, either Petros or I would greet them again and provide a bag that contained a sketchbook, a pencil, a towel, a bottle of water, and a blind map of the island with suggested spots for visitation. We did not prepare any installations or art performances – we just offered the island itself for the exploration. However, a picnic place with blueberry cakes (mustikkamaa = blueberry land) and coffee was arranged. After approximately two hours the boat would take the audience back to the mainland