Positive Revolt
4/2015 Prague and Kutná Hora, CZ

Positive revolt is my bachelor art project realized at the Theatre Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts, Prague, CZ. It consists of ten ‘micro-performances’ executed in the urban public space of the city of Prague and the town of Kutná Hora. Each one of the performances was in an ironical way crossing either the Czech law or at least some municipality regulation.

These ten rebellious actions were: (1) theft, (2) illegal ride, (3) alcohol beverage consumption, (4) drug abuse, (5) nakedness, (6) graffiti, (7) sleeping in a park, (8) foreign area entry, (9) night peace disturbance, (10) violation of Prague transport system conditions.

In this strongly conceptual work the respective small interventions were rather invisible and not announced publicly – the random observers could hardly recognize their artistic nature. The main audience of the performances were those witnessing photo and video documentation and the short descriptions either online or during the exhibition. Despite its subtlety and amusing tone the work has for me a strong sociopolitical meaning: we are living in a society defined by law, which, although being clearly articulated in a written form, is disturbingly dependant on its subjective interpretations by the authorities.

Supervisor of practical part: Howard Lotker, MFA
Supervisor of theoretical part: prof. PhDr. Jana Pilátová
Opponent of the work: MgA. Jiří Adámek, PhD.

Website of the project: Positive revolt
Text of the theoretical part (in CZ) here.