The Car Performance
11/2015 Kesto, Helsinki, FI

For six times per day for the two days, it was possible to book a place in a car for a special car performance. After entering the car I would take the position of the driver and turn on the prerecorded welcoming announcement from the car CD player. The spoken instructions welcomed the passengers, explained the rules applicable inside of the vehicle, and wished for a good ride – similarly as when on board of a tour bus or an airplane.

In the following, approximately 30 minutes long journey, I took the audience on a ride around the city of Helsinki from Vapaan Taiteen Tila/Space For Free Arts to Merihaka parking lot and Suvilahti area and back. Dynamic electronic music appearing and disappearing from the car radio, together with the variety of visited locations and changes in vehicle speed created an abstract narrative. In this carefully rehearsed work, I tried to minimize my own presence – I wanted the city of Helsinki to be the main star of the show.