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what 3words
7/4/2018 Union of Mongolian Artists Gallery, Ulaanbaatar, MN

Ulaanbaatar is facing a similar problem as many other settlements in the less developed parts of the world – missing exact street addresses. Not being able to adequately and quickly describe the location of someone/something is a burden for 21st century society for many practical reasons. British “what3words” platform offers a users friendly solution to this issue. They “divided the world into 3 metre squares and gave each square a unique combination of three words.” (what3words website). In 2016, Mongolian post became a worldwide pioneer in the official implementation of the what3words system into their operations with the Khan Bank being the first bank.

Aside to its practicality, this tool features strong aesthetic qualities – labels of the respective lots might be perceived as absurd three words long micro-poems  (i.e. “save.movements.pedicure” or “revolts.boots.perfectly”, …). In my performance, I was working with the three words assigned to the venue where it was taking place, Union of Mongolian Artists Gallery, creating this way a rather unusual site-specific work.

Ironically, when writing this description now, two years later, I can not discover which three words I was using – the current search engine displays another result and I failed to find them in my notes. One word was something like a “wasp” or a “bee” or the like, the other related to “duress” or “pressure” or “strength”, the third one I don’t recall.

Conflict Between Tradition and Progress
19/4/2018 976 Gallery, Ulaanbaatar, MN

Collaboration with Togmidshiirev Enkhbold.

This duo performance we made together with the local performance artist Togmidshiirev Enkhbold in front of the 976 Gallery (with their support). The resulting work was based on our discussions on the issues which concerned us both: global and local mobility, tourism (in Mongolia), conflict between the tradition and progress or living conditions in Ulaanbaatar.

Crawling Tourist
23/4/2018 Mongolian State University of Arts and Culture, Ulaanbaatar, MN

In this simple performance I crawled around the classroom of the Mongolian State University of Arts and Culture wearing my heavy backpack and a travel coat before giving a lecture on the history of performance art.

The performance was part of my open series of “tourist performances”, together with, especially, Tourist (Bucharest, RO, 2017), Standing Tourist (Irkutsk, RU, 2018) and Kak na voyne (Kyiv, UA, 2018).