I am passionate about big cities and a “nomadic” way of living. My mobile lifestyle is precarious but voluntary. Aware of my privileges, I try to be more than just a random tourist and to reflect critically on the theme of international mobility through my art. My dream is to leave Europe and experience the world outside of the Western bubble. I am a rather introverted and melancholic person. That is why cities, traveling, and personal insecurity are key inspirational sources for my art.

I am a performance and conceptual artist. I don’t create objects or paint or do music. My venues are usually cities and galleries, my main tools are my body and the specific sites where the actions are presented. The performances can last for a few minutes or many hours and be almost invisible or quite expressive. Through my art, I explore the role of an individual in the globalized, mobile world and the power structures that shape our daily lives and movements.

My love for performance art is not only practical but also theoretical. I am active within the scene as a curator and facilitator, give lectures, organize discussions, support networking between cultural workers, and popularize performance art among the general audience.


Antonín Brinda, a Czech artist based in Europe, works in the fields of performance / urban / walking / body art. He creates minimalist, conceptual, long durational works exploring areas such as urbanism, transportation infrastructure, political geography, or international mobility. To balance the serious topics, he also likes to present other types of performances that are more personal and humorous.

He has gained his education in different fields of art and art theory (General Art Studies; Film Studies; Site- 

Specific Performance; Live Art and Performance Studies; Architecture and Urban Research) in Brno, Prague, Tallinn, Helsinki and Istanbul.

Apart from an artist, he is also an organizer/curator of various (performance) art events and festivals. Examples of past and present events include Performance Crossings (Prague, CZ), Performensk (Minsk, BY), Wärmflasche (Berlin, DE – Vernéřovice, CZ), Perform – or not (Tallinn, EE), Carbonarium (Kyiv, UA) or New Performance Turku Festival (Turku, FI). Since the beginning of 2021, he is co-running a series of monthly performance events SPA – Studio Performance Art in Prague.

Since 2011, his performances were presented in various galleries and festivals as well as in less traditional venues within Europe and beyond (Mongolia, China, Thailand, Russia,…). Examples of events where Antonín took part include Asiatopia (Bangkok and Nakhon Pathom, TH), Sofia Underground (Sofia, BG), LAPSody (Helsinki, FI), A! Performance Festival (Akureyri, IS) or Performance Festival Malamut (Ostrava, CZ).

Antonín would like to know, “How to make love with a city”.

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